On Thanksgiving Day in 2008, I was accused of deliberately running down the security guard at the Whole Foods parking lot while trying to park my car. I was formally charged with “Assault with a Deadly Weapon” and my attorney agreed that we needed to hire a Private Investigator who could shed some light on what was really going on as I was beginning to get nervous. They were producing several witnesses who claimed they actually saw me strike this woman with the front end of my vehicle and I had no one to say otherwise. The reality of me getting convicted of this felony is beginning to set in and man, do I need help. My neighbor lived next door to Brian Mathews who agreed to meet me at my lawyer’s office. After describing to him what had happened, and then determining the state’s position, Brian decided to attempt an interview with the victim herself, and inside a week, the rest of the state’s witnesses as well. Brian was very instrumental in convincing state prosecutors that they had no case and the stories that the witnesses were telling were sketchy at best but moreover damagingly contradicting. The victim herself gave three separate accountings of what happened that day and did I fail to mention I never struck her? Brian ran a full background on the victim when he learned that she made nine previous workers comp claims and she loved sitting home collecting checks. In fact, his investigation was so compelling that my lawyer refunded me $5000 of the retainer after the state dropped the charges. Brian handled this case with a level of confidence that was impressive and he knew exactly what to do which calmed me down considerably and I would recommend him to any one for anything.


I was stuck in an arbitration where I knew the Judge was in collusion with the attorney that I was suing. Every ruling that the Judge was giving was against me and for this attorney that I was in a lawsuit with. In desperation I contacted Brian and discussed my situation. We devised a plan to have one of his associates to go in to this attorney’s office and act as a possible client which was looking for a high powered attorney that has connections with judges. This was done and the attorney in question squawked like a duck and gave up his connection with various Judges including the one that was on our case. He further made damning comments such as, it’s not the law that matters but the relation you have with these old Judges. Thanks to Brian and Paul and their excellent work we are now moving to have this Judge removed from this case. These boys are extremely professional and ethical in their work, I highly recommend them.

Sargon L.

They were amazing and super professional with use them again. If u want result u should use them for sure they are fast and efficient.

Nathalie D.

Brian is excellent at communication, persistence, and knowledgeable . He knows a lot about his field and I am lucky to be working with him. He was prompt with his information and immediately got to work. I would recommend hiring Brian for all of your investigative needs. He is patient, kind, and extremely helpful. Wonderful work thank you!!!


LA Intelligence is perfect, they are discreet, very responsive and professional. I worked with Brian on a personal case, and he handled it perfectly. It was nice to feel that I wasn’t being taken advantage of, and that my case was handled just like I wanted it. Brian asked me what I needed, and I explained to him all that I knew, but he took over from there, with his knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend them. And as a matter of fact, I am using them on another job soon.

Dena P.

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