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A simple phone call to LA Intelligence is like stepping into a time portal to Film Noir. You immediately sense that Detective Mathews has seen it all. But beneath his gruff voice, lies a heart with compassion. The experience alone is worth the price of admission.

I initially dismissed hiring a private detective for my small claims case as I thought it would simply be too expensive. LA Intelligence charges more than a process server because the intel that he provides can make or break your case. As an example, I was advised by the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs Small Claims Advisor Service (a mouthful of a name!) to serve the defendant a document requesting his appearance at a hearing to disclose his assets. Detective Mathews informed me that not only is it a waste of time as you’re not in front of a judge so the defendant will outright lie, but by serving them you’re essentially warning the defendant to hide their assets. Mathews’ keen advice is spot-on and practical.

Detective Mathews genuinely cared about my case. On the multiple occasions that I’ve called, my calls were at least 45 minutes in length. Do not expect a five minute conversation when calling. Mathews takes his time to explore numerous options. At times, Mathews will ramble about a tale in his storied past, but pay attention, there are nuggets of gold in there that apply to your situation.

We live in the age of information where knowledge is power, and we assume we can get everything through Google for free. Don’t waste your time with the shady online background check companies that unscrupulously autocharge your credit card. Mathews has info sources not available to civilians.

Pay attention, follow through, and keep him posted. Then you’ll get the results that you seek. Good luck in your journey!


On Thanksgiving Day in 2008, I was accused of deliberately running down the security guard at the Whole Foods parking lot while trying to park my car. I was formally charged with “Assault with a Deadly Weapon” and my attorney agreed that we needed to hire a Private Investigator who could shed some light on what was really going on as I was beginning to get nervous. They were producing several witnesses who claimed they actually saw me strike this woman with the front end of my vehicle and I had no one to say otherwise. The reality of me getting convicted of this felony is beginning to set in and man, do I need help. My neighbor lived next door to Brian Mathews who agreed to meet me at my lawyer’s office. After describing to him what had happened, and then determining the state’s position, Brian decided to attempt an interview with the victim herself, and inside a week, the rest of the state’s witnesses as well. Brian was very instrumental in convincing state prosecutors that they had no case and the stories that the witnesses were telling were sketchy at best but moreover damagingly contradicting. The victim herself gave three separate accountings of what happened that day and did I fail to mention I never struck her? Brian ran a full background on the victim when he learned that she made nine previous workers comp claims and she loved sitting home collecting checks. In fact, his investigation was so compelling that my lawyer refunded me $5000 of the retainer after the state dropped the charges. Brian handled this case with a level of confidence that was impressive and he knew exactly what to do which calmed me down considerably and I would recommend him to any one for anything.


I was stuck in an arbitration where I knew the Judge was in collusion with the attorney that I was suing. Every ruling that the Judge was giving was against me and for this attorney that I was in a lawsuit with. In desperation I contacted Brian and discussed my situation. We devised a plan to have one of his associates to go in to this attorney’s office and act as a possible client which was looking for a high powered attorney that has connections with judges. This was done and the attorney in question squawked like a duck and gave up his connection with various Judges including the one that was on our case. He further made damning comments such as, it’s not the law that matters but the relation you have with these old Judges. Thanks to Brian and Paul and their excellent work we are now moving to have this Judge removed from this case. These boys are extremely professional and ethical in their work, I highly recommend them.

Sargon L.

They were amazing and super professional with use them again. If u want result u should use them for sure they are fast and efficient.

Nathalie D.

Brian is excellent at communication, persistence, and knowledgeable . He knows a lot about his field and I am lucky to be working with him. He was prompt with his information and immediately got to work. I would recommend hiring Brian for all of your investigative needs. He is patient, kind, and extremely helpful. Wonderful work thank you!!!


LA Intelligence is perfect, they are discreet, very responsive and professional. I worked with Brian on a personal case, and he handled it perfectly. It was nice to feel that I wasn’t being taken advantage of, and that my case was handled just like I wanted it. Brian asked me what I needed, and I explained to him all that I knew, but he took over from there, with his knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend them. And as a matter of fact, I am using them on another job soon.

Dena P.

Yelp Reviews

3/23/20225 Stars on Yelp

Thank you, Brian, for your EXCEPTIONAL attention to my case. I have been dealing with an EX who lives in CA while I live in CO. Needless to say, getting my EX served (for non-payment of child support) has been next to impossible. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars and a ton of time trying to get him served (this has been going on for YEARS).

I finally got tired of wasting my money on inefficient and sub-standard Process Servers. So, last week, I decided to Google “Top-Rated Private Investigators in Los Angeles” and LA INTELLIGENCE, INC. was the very FIRST company that popped up. And after reading the many AMAZING reviews on YELP, I was convinced that this is the very BEST organization for PI services.

I called and I immediately received kind, courteous, professional, and EXCELLENT customer service. The most impressive part… LA INTELLIGENCE, INC. got the job done within HOURS of our first conversation. I will always call on you, Brian, going forward… Your commitment to detail while maintaining OUTSTANDING service will always be remembered. Thank you, once again, for being so honest and trustworthy, from day one… I will always appreciate it!

N D. - Long Beach, CA

11/3/20215 Stars on Yelp

I had a very difficult service that needed to be done as soon as possible. I sent the paperwork to my client about two weeks ago. Brian called me this morning to let me know that the two people that needed to be served had been served! I’m thrilled. Now I can continue the work I need to do to get my client the return he deserves. The next time I have a difficult service, LA Intelligence will be who I call.

N D. - Long Beach, CA

9/4/20215 Stars on Yelp

I am an out of state attorney who needed surveillance performed for my client whose spouse was routinely in LA for “business “. Brian at LA Intelligence provided results and service I was frankly not accustomed to seeing from other investigators I previously used. Crystal clear photos and video, professional, detailed and concise reports, all in a timely manner. LA intelligence is unequivocally the premier investigation service company in this area and without question, the best I’ve ever used.

Craig B. - FL, FL

7/14/20215 Stars on Yelp

They went above and beyond on my case that was a very difficult subpoena to serve. Communication was always on point, calls and texts got answered immediately. I was in the loop at all times about what they were doing. We had one unsuccessful stake out, but it worked like a charm the second time around and mainly due to the fact they arrived early! Service was done and trust me when I say it was nearly a mission impossible to do. Not to mention it was way outside of Los Angeles and their usual service area. Highly recommend! Worth every penny! Oh and you get a bodycam video too so nobody can argue about proof of service. AAA

Kseniya E. - Los Angeles, CA

7/5/20215 Stars on Yelp

I had hired another company that was unsuccessful and rude before I was recommended to contact LA Intelligence for help. I’m so grateful I did. They listened and took all my notes, kept me posted on any idea or moves they planned on taking. they were respectful, attentive and able to serve Someone that was very difficult to locate.

Sandra V. - San Francisco, CA

5/25/20215 Stars on Yelp

The best there ever is. Brian took my phone call right away and helped with the investigation process immediately. I am so thankful for his help. I called several investigators and they all did a background check to find nothing on my cousins’ boyfriend and he clearly has a criminal record. When Brian did the check, he was able to find it so I’m sure he has his connections. Thank you so much Brian for your quick and helpful services.

Josh P. - San Francisco, CA

4/8/20215 Stars on Yelp

I came across this company through a friend and was really impressed with their professionalism and efficiency throughout my case. They were super fast and reliable. I recommend LA Intelligence  to everyone that are in need of their services.

Larissa A. - Eastern Malibu, Malibu, CA

2/15/20215 Stars on Yelp

Brian and his team helped us with a big issue we were having and they got us to a great resolution with flying colors. He has empathy and makes himself available to his clients. Thank you Brian!

Danielle M. - Sherman Oaks, CA

1/24/20215 Stars on Yelp

LA Intelligence did a great job on finding out information that I needed for my divorce from an illegal immigrant. My ex claimed that she wasn’t working and LA Intelligence found out where she works and for how long she’s been working. Thank you!!

Robert D. - Chula Vista, CA

8/8/20205 Stars on Yelp

Brian was the best to deal with! Very professional and understanding. Would highly recommend his services. They are the best!

Ed G. - Fairhaven, MA

5/22/20205 Stars on Yelp

When only the best will do! Andy truly is the Gold Standard, Knowledge and integrity are the motto at LA Intelligence and their professionalism is second to none, Thanks again Andy!

Stewart S. - Venice, CA

2/14/20205 Stars on Yelp

I called Brian with a super urgent request for PI services. He responded very quickly and was very helpful in walking me through the best way to find out what I needed. He kept me updated throughout the investigation and was very efficient. Even though my need was immediate, Brian was very reasonable in his pricing. Even after the investigation was completed, he helped me do some follow up work for free. Brian is very honest and trustworthy. I would highly recommend giving him a call if you need any kind of PI services.

Pritee T. - San Francisco, CA

9/24/20195 Stars on Yelp

Recovered our property from unscrupulous Uber driver. Huge help! Brian was awesome. Don’t think this would have worked out without him.

Barry B. - Beverly Hills, CA

8/20/20195 Stars on Yelp

I had a very very bad situation with a car that I had leased… I had a 2017 Rang Rover and I just did not care for the car… Luckily I had a two year lease but with Range Rover, you cannot actually get out of a lease by having someone take it over for you… I had put the car on swapalease as an outright sale and was contacted by a scam artist and I urge anyone that is approached by someone third party about sub leasing your car to AVOID IT, especially in California… He had promised to help get me out of this lease or make the payments until the lease ran out… Every month was hassle, late payment, etc… The least was due to run out at the end of this month and he had not made two consecutive payments and had given no indication he would turn the car over… So i contacted Brian at LA Intelligence to help me… He had many strong methods he presented me of which he could help get the car back for me… It seemed impossible after chasing after car for so long and basically feeling it was not going to be returned…. within THREE days ONLY, the car was recovered… THREE DAYS… that was just remarkable to say the least… They were ALL over him and he had no choice but to hand the car back over… LA Intelligence has earned my business as well as all my recommendations whenever someone needs any kind of private investigative work done… They are definitely elite to say the least… Here is a picture of the car recovered as well.. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended…

Dylan G. - Urbandale, IA

6/24/20195 Stars on Yelp

I have been working with Brian
On process serving jobs for a couple of years
Requiring investigative searches
He has come thru numerous times


Hollywood H. - Culver City, Los Angeles, CA

4/30/20195 Stars on Yelp

Brian and his staff were awesome to deal with.
Very professional and got me all the information I needed. I would use them again 100%.


Eric I. - Zelienople, PA

1/30/20195 Stars on Yelp

This is the private investigation service to hire! Brian and his team are beyond amazing! After five extremely stressful months of trying to retrieve my vehicle from the incredibly fraudulent company, Haven Transfers, Brian and his team had my vehicle in less than 48 hours! I cannot even begin to thank Brian and his team for the relief they brought me.


Jennifer E. - Spartanburg, SC

1/17/20195 Stars on Yelp

Brian, from LA Intelligence, is as good as it gets. Looking for someone trustworthy, professional and experienced can be difficult. If this is what you are searching for, I would recommend Brian. Brian was able to provide me with extensive background searches, surveillance, and advice. He is readily available to speak with…he even answers the phone in his sleep!

I would recommend Brian for handling sensitive matters that are private. If I could give 6 stars for Brian’s work, I would.


Nicole F. - Los Angeles, CA

12/29/20185 Stars on Yelp

Really prompt and amazing service. He is a pro at his job . I didn’t found the person i was looling for but he did his best to help so i definitely recomand his services. He is committed and trustworthy.

Dalia Z.

11/4/20185 Stars on Yelp

Ok, guys, this is the real deal.  I had some questions about someone and I called Brian and he took care of my needs and got me my answers that I needed immediately.  I wasn’t waiting for days or weeks.  This group takes complete care of all your needs, kept in contact with me during the surveillance and gave me a full report.  I can’t say enough about how nice and professional Brian is.  I have already referred him to friends.  Look no further!

Ruth L. - Cypress, TX

10/13/20185 Stars on Yelp

Mathews has the staff, the experience to help any one with anything when a problem occurs. He is professional in his actions and shows restraint when the need arises. Thank you for a job well done!

Samuel K. - Los Angeles, CA

9/20/20185 Stars on Yelp

I was recommended to Scott by an attorney who had successfully used LA Intelligence’s services. It was easy and satisfactory and I would use them again. Ron Hamady Forever Films, Inc.

Ron H. - Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, CA

9/14/20185 Stars on Yelp

I was needing to find out where my daughter was moving and with who urgently. I live in Michigan and my 19 year old daughter is getting into trouble in LA and I am concerned about her safety. Brian provided short notice help with getting an investigator to surveillance her. They tracked her to the mans house and updated me with the address and photos of the man she was meeting. I had constant communication throughout the day which helped to ease my anxiety during this bad situation. They were very professional.

Mischawn F. - South Redondo, Redondo Beach, CA

9/3/20185 Stars on Yelp

Brian is an experienced and smart investigator. He documented the illegal activities I needed to obtain for lawsuit. He had his own strategy and successfully gave me a full report. I am able to build a case which enables me to win at court based upon his documentation. He will be available for court to testify as well. I am so happy that Brian is available in this area. Brian takes pride in his job and his performance. This type of person is the best to hire

Changmii B. - San Francisco, CA

8/27/20185 Stars on Yelp

I cannot recommend this company highly enough!

Brian went out of his way for me on a potential case — he had me send him all of the information that I had on this case and then he went out and did some research for me at no charge to help me decide whether I should go forward with the case or not!

Brian is extremely honest, sincere, knowledgeable, and amazingly helpful! His company is a breath of fresh air in the Private Investigation community. Thank you very much!

Dan B. - Playa del Rey, CA

8/22/20185 Stars on Yelp

Brian was nothing short of exceptional in his approach to my case. He put in a rush order, making sure all the information I needed was delivered on time before a complicated court case that came to a quick resolve thanks to his resources.

I would sincerely recommend his services (as well as the other individuals at his agency that swiftly and kindly communicated with me on daily basis) to anyone who find themselves in a position where they are stuck and you know there is more that can be done (but you may not be the one being able to gather the necessary information).

Highly recommend!

Natasha K. - Central LA, Los Angeles, CA

8/21/20185 Stars on Yelp

I have recently used Brian for help in my case and he has been great to work with. He is understanding, professional and as been very efficient in getting me the information that I needed. I would recommend his services to anyone who has a simple to complex case. Brian has the experience and means to get the job done. I am very pleased to have been able to work with him and his staff!

Sharon S. - Palmdale, CA

8/19/20185 Stars on Yelp

For more than 6 weeks, Brian and his staff at LA Intelligence have been there for me every step of the way, including listening carefully to my situation, explaining court processes, serving papers on someone who was very difficult to track down . . . and continuing until this case is completely resolved. With Brian’s guidance and encouragement, I felt prepared and confident at my court case, which I won very easily. Now with his help, we are going after the post-judgment recovery.

I happened to read Jasmine K’s recent review about Brian, and I’m sure that the reviewer must have been writing about someone else, and some other agency. How could any reviewer pass judgment on the integrity of an agency when their services were not even engaged? My experience with Brian has been nothing short of extreme respect and professionalism, showing so much personal interest in my case. I really don’t know what I would have done without his support.

If you need assistance for a complicated case, I can say that LA Intelligence won’t let you down. I cannot imagine that any other private investigator would have seen me through this entire process so thoroughly, half of which he didn’t even charge me for. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get the best outcome for your situation, with Brian’s unparalleled services.

Rowan S. - Los Angeles, CA

8/4/20185 Stars on Yelp

LA Intelligence/S. Brian Mathews took on my very hard to serve case. I have been living in fear for myself and my children from my ex husband though we have been divorced over 9 years. My restraining order expired and I was in process of having the court make it permanent. I had turned every stone to try and locate him so that I could be issued a permanent restraining order. I was without hope. Brian worked with me given my extremely difficult financial situation. He would only run intel when necessary and offered me the lowest rates possible. He was very professional and extremely responsive and never hesitated to go the extra mile. Not only did he take me on as a client but I had such a limited window to have my ex husband served. After all was said and done, I was issued my “permanent” Protective Order and am so very grateful to LA Intelligence. Me and my children can finally have P E A C E!!


Schinal W. - Mid-City, Santa Monica, CA

7/17/20185 Stars on Yelp

I had a delicate, discreet and difficult case where prior investigators left me very disappointed, However, JP is an excellent and effective investigator. Once JP took over the investigation, he provided me with all the information I needed in a very timely, and detailed manner. I highly recommend using JP for investigations.

Sammy S. - Los Angeles, CA

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