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Over the years, our private detective agency has successfully served hundreds of people subpoenas, summons’, restraining orders, tenant evictions and foreclosures. A cause of action filed in the courts cannot proceed until the parties are properly served. There are deadlines in which proper service must be effectuated to avoid re-filing. Often times a defendant or respondent will deliberately avoid the service to avoid obvious consequences. This interferes with the normal course of legal procedure and the process server or Sheriff will return it unserved after three attempts.


This is something we specialize in. We are experts when it comes to difficult service, and it’s rare if we do not get our mark. Fees are based on time and complexity. Our minimum fee is $500 for a 5 hour stakeout and it’s often enough time to get the defendant served. Occasionally, there are circumstances where it could cost more – especially if we have to secure a current address and or place of employment. We will do background checks when necessary, search social media accounts, talk to neighbors and relatives until we narrow down the best time and place to serve the defendant

Avoiding service can be as simple as not answering your door or denying your identity. It is unlawful (except in evictions) to leave a writ under or taped to the front door. Ideally, you want to effectuate “Personal Service” which requires LAI investigators hand the document directly to the person in question but “Sub-Service” is also a legitimate and legal way to serve someone. Our investigators document the service with either photos or video along with a sworn return and a detailed report which is very rarely challenged.


Regular Service [3-5 days]   – $65
Priority Service [2-3 days]    – $95
Rush Service [24 hours]        – $125
Same Day [End of day]           – $150
Difficult Service                      – $500 (requires minimum 5 hour stakeout)
Skip-Trace Missing Person  – $175
– $100

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