Los Angeles CA Missing PersonsIs your missing person a loved one that has not been heard from for a while? Maybe they are a runaway, have wound up incarcerated or in the hospital, or even battling a drug or alcohol addiction.

Our Los Angeles based private detective agency has handled many missing persons situations just like these and have experienced a high degree of success in finding missing persons. Although we cannot make any guarantees, we have located many missing persons that suddenly became disconnected with their loved ones for no apparent reason.

Often a missing person case is related to drugs and/or alcohol. Detective Matthews has studied alcohol/drug addiction counseling at UCLA and is well versed with the common behaviors of addicts and others with mental health disorders, a skill most P.I.’s do not have firsthand experience with.

He is very passionate about helping those still suffering from the deadly disease of addiction and has not only located such individuals but helps get them on a road to recovery. He is also qualified to perform family interventions, as the loved one needs all the support they can get.

If you have a missing person case, call our Beverly Hills office at (310) 894-5200 or submit your inquiry via email to get the process started.

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