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2/10/20185 Stars on Yelp

Excellent work from the owner, and prompt results. Professionalism by Brian. I would highly recommend this company for your investigatory needs!

Eliza V. - Cerritos, CA

1/29/20185 Stars on Yelp

Thanks to LA Intelligence I can now rest easier, worth every penny and then some. Brian is professional, fast, safe, and cares about us. They care about me and empathize with what people are going through. I will use LA Intelligence in the future, I really can’t say enough great things about this service and the owner. Thank you!

Super B. - Chula Vista, CA

1/23/20185 Stars on Yelp

L.A. Intelligence is the bomb. After trying to look for my car, for two months we finally had a break through. I thought this car was gone for ever because my Ex-wife fell off the face of the earth. But it was just a waiting game on finding her. Every time they went to go look at a place they would tell me send me receipts and they were very transparent and punctual for everything. I NEVER THOUGHT ID SEE MY CAR AGAIN, but Brian is the best there is. Got me the best results. To him I have to thank.!! He immediately went over down to Fullerton to pick up my car for me. Being overseas this was the hardest thing to do but he helped so much.

Jeniva F. - Virginia Beach, VA

1/18/20185 Stars on Yelp

My wife and I own a small child care business and we had only a few employees and one of them claim they got hurt and file the workers compensation claim against us only we didn’t have the insurance because we had so few employees we didn’t think we needed it. If this woman had won her case I would’ve had to pay her attorney fees medical bills and God knows what else and she probably would have Put me into bankruptcy or until I hired LA intelligence. Brian and his team but this woman on the surveillance and even though she suspected she was being followed because Brian found out that this was the seventh time she has done this to somebody and found out that she was working full-time as a Housekeeper and at first she would park in the driveway at the house where she worked until she suspected she was being followed and then her husband will drop her off and hide around the corner but that the fool Brian. He’s got enough video on this woman to send her to prison for fraud she was also filing for disability from the government. I was struggling as I could look for the check I have.

Shlomo B. - Encino, Los Angeles, CA

1/9/20185 Stars on Yelp

I had an excellent experience with LA Intelligence. I was required to have someone served and was left a small window due to the holiday season. Brian and his team were extremely instrumental in getting this executed within a limited timeframe.

Brian was extremely professional and responsive throughout this process. This was very relieving to me, as this was a concern of mine. I tend to be skeptical of hiring any small business owner for the fear of shoddy work or possibly having to play by unjust rules. This was not the case with LA Intelligence and I would definitely recommend them to a friend, and should I have any needs like this again, I will enlist the help of LA Intelligence.

K. M. - Redondo Beach, CA

9/7/20175 Stars on Yelp

I am currently involved in a small claims case suing the defendant for less than $2k due to a breach of contract. The amount was insignificant therefore I was reluctant to file a claim, let alone hire a private investigator, yet it was a matter of principle–I was motivated to end his scam spree to prevent future victims so I filed a claim. Taking matters into my own hands, I tried to locate the defendant but learned that all info the defendant had provided were fake and I could be dealing with a regular scam artist. I came close to giving up and that’s when I decided to try a private investigator as the last resort. I found Brian on Yelp, called him, and together came up with a way to serve the defendant without having a physical address. Brian went out of his way to serve and even mailed the proof of service for me. Thank you!!

Juni M. - Los Angeles, CA

8/10/20175 Stars on Yelp

LA Intelligence is simply the best! My uncle had passes away and made me the trustee of his estate, and I was unable to locate one of his sons to tell him he was part of an inheritance. I had spent countless hours and days trying to locate him using online websites and other services but kept running into dead ends. After making the call to Brian, he immediately made me feel he would be able to locate him and the cost would be reasonable. Not only was Brian able to find him and have me on the phone with him catching up and discussing plans to meet up, he made it all happen in less than 24 hours! Now that’s service. I highly recommend LA Intelligence if you are in need to locate a loved one.

Roshe G. - Hawthorne, CA

8/7/20175 Stars on Yelp

Brian was a terrific help in assisting me to recruit information regarding a stolen property. He brings a serious, caring and focused attitude toward his work which compliment his skills as an investigator. He took our case in the last minute — which required an all night investigation — and got it all done in a thorough fashion. He is a guy who will go the distance to help his clients. He sincerely cares about his work which helped us feel comfortable that we were working with the right investigator.

Dian O. - Los Angeles, CA

7/30/20175 Stars on Yelp

I was in need of some peace of mind with my girlfriend’s behavior when she was out of town on a girls trip (based on some previous questionable behavior early in our relationship) and therefore reached out to Brian for assistance. The entire staff that worked on the assignment was straight forward, professional in their approach and were able to provide detailed updates throughout the weekend. They chronicled the situation and gave their professional advise and assessment of what they found, backing up their assessment with photos and videos as confirmation. For me, it provided a peace of mind in knowing that I am lucky enough to have a loving and devoted partner. My distrust was admittedly misguided and now I am able to give her the benefit of doubt and the trust she deserves in our relationship. Thank you to LA Intelligence for helping me clear my head and allowing our relationship to start fresh in a healthier way moving forward.

Josh E. - Dallas, TX

7/25/20175 Stars on Yelp

Brian and his team were very professional, easy to work with, and went above and beyond to get the job done. They were amazing! The team was able to confirm an address, get someone served who was avoiding service, captured on film a violation of a restraining order, and gathered online evidence of further violations.

All while being sensitive to leave children out of any drama.

They worked as a team, were available at all hours, and did whatever it took to get the job done.

I highly recommend them for any private investigation needs.

Kim R. - Los Angeles, CA

7/21/20175 Stars on Yelp

Josh and Brian are both consummate professionals. They get the job done efficiently and quickly. Plus, they both are extremely responsive to any questions or suggestions you may have.

I hired LA Intelligence to serve an individual with some legal documents. The company’s diligence, professionalism, and competence impressed me very much.

I plan on using LA Intelligence in the future. And, will recommend the company to my friends. If you need investigation done, I would highly endorse La Intelligence.

Damon A. - Pasadena, CA

7/19/20175 Stars on Yelp

I honestly have never met a person like Brian. Great guy! Very empathetic to your situation. Understanding and has a thorough knowledge of the field. He has great prices which are very fair and he is easy to talk to. I would recommend Brian to anyone who wants to get the job done. Thanks a lot man.

Jarod L. - San Francisco, CA

7/17/20175 Stars on Yelp

I just called this guy for help in a desperate situation. WHAT A HELPFUL AND KIND INDIVIDUAL. His professional knowledge really gave me the peace of mind I was looking for. Thank you thank you thank you.

Elle E. - Los Angeles, CA

7/12/20175 Stars on Yelp

I was at the end of my rope with a judgment I was trying collect on and decided to give one last shot at trying to get it from the company. I called and spoke with Brian. He immediately started research and I mentioned I needed documents served. Brian put 200% into what he was doing for me and he is very genuine regarding my situation. Papers were served and he was very reasonable. Brian also suggested other options and made me feel confident that after 3 years I will get my money from the judgment.

Lauren S. - Las Vegas, NV

6/27/20175 Stars on Yelp

Brian is very good on it, he is smart detailed oriented ,fast and accurate.i highly recommend his work.If you are looking for a professional in the US or abroad this is the right one.

Brian é muito bom nisso, ele é inteligente detalhado orientado, rápido e preciso. Recomendo muito seu trabalho. Se você está procurando um profissional nos EUA ou no exterior, este é o caminho certo.

Flavio S. - Boca Raton, FL

6/26/20175 Stars on Yelp

Used LA Intelligence to serve court documents to an old landlord. They were very nice, professional & understanding. They even worked out a good deal for pricing for me.

Thank you Brian & Josh!

PS: Just use them…it will save you a lot of stress, time & headache!


Nashii C. - Los Angeles, CA

6/26/20175 Stars on Yelp

We didn’t know what to do. We live on the East Coast and our son had stopped answering our calls or texts. We spoke with Brian and he was immediately reassuring. He found our son quickly and established contact.

Brian took a personal interest in the case above and beyond what we had expected. He was always available to us, even when traveling to DC to receive an award. He is very resourceful with impressive street smarts and experience, yet remains aware of the human side of his job as well.

David W. - Moneta, VA

6/22/20175 Stars on Yelp

Rapid response on request for quote. Very helpful despite not being able to help locate my travelling veteran partner. Focused on the Los Angeles area.

Noel G. - San Diego, CA

6/19/20175 Stars on Yelp

I am so glad I decided to go with LA Intelligence! At first I didn’t know what to expect because I had no experience dealing with Private Investigators but Brian and his team made me feel at ease with everything. Brian took his time with me and answered all my questions and was very patient throughout the whole process. He is extremely knowledgeable and upfront about what to expect. Before going into this my situation had me feeling hopeless and now I feel so much relief knowing everything has been resolved and taken care of. If you are feeling hesitant like I was, just know that the experience that comes with LA Intelligence is worth trusting in! I highly recommend.

Ian J. - Los Angeles, CA

6/13/20175 Stars on Yelp

Brian was extremely helpful and I had what I needed within a few hours, LA Intelligence is a 5

Jeremy H. - Wilsonville, OR

5/29/20175 Stars on Yelp

Brian was great. He was nice to deal with and worked very quickly to get the job done.

He served court papers for me; I won the case and thankfully all is behind me now. Dealing with Brian was the easiest part of this process.

Thank you!

Trey B. - Los Angeles, CA

5/28/20175 Stars on Yelp

Amazing costumer service. Very helpful. I was looking for a pre-employment criminal background check to be sent to a future employer and LA int. Llc helped me and advised me at no charge on what I could do. Thank you for the tips. Best wishes.

Fernando D. - Los Angeles, CA

5/25/20175 Stars on Yelp

I hired them for a background check for a possible SS fraud case. They were incredibly helpful and quick with the information. Detective Matthews was very professional and willing to help with all my questions. The problem was resolved at a very affordable price.

Anthony W. - Northeast Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

5/3/20175 Stars on Yelp

LA Intelligence delivered as promised. Kept client up to date and were very professional. Highly recommend.

Thomas W. - London, United Kingdom

4/19/20175 Stars on Yelp

First time using a service. LA Intelligence got back to me quickly. Brian handled the task within 24 hrs. I should have made the call a long time ago and saved myself weeks of uncertainty. Price was very affordable. Simple, quick and job done… perfect.

Kaiser L. - Topanga, CA

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