Los Angeles CA Surveillance ServicesThere are many investigations where surveillance services are necessary in order for us to prove the case. Unfaithful partners, fraudulent injury claims, business agreement breaches and a host of other cases oftentimes require surveillance in order to obtain photographic evidence of the client’s allegations.

We take on the most challenging cases even when the subject suspects he/she may be followed. It is a dangerous job, and our experienced investigators follow discreetly behind the vehicle while taking video. Not only do we follow the subject in his vehicle, we will also continue the surveillance into any public establishment, (i.e., restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, etc.) where we will obtain photos covertly and try to get close enough to listen to their conversions. Often, we hide in bushes, change uniforms, go undercover, deliver flowers, dig through trash, establish creative ruses, and most importantly, deliver results!

Chances are this is the first time you are considering using the services of a P.I. Even if your issue is sensitive, challenging or embarrassing, don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your matter. During our initial consultation, we will let you know the strategy, cost, time frame, and likely outcome. We only take cases where there is a reasonable expectation of success. We have a very dedicated results oriented staff whose number one objective is to provide you with the results you are looking for, regardless of the nature of the case.

Please feel free to contact us by telephone at 310-894-5200 or email us at info@laintelligence.com for a free consultation so we can assess your case and advise you accordingly.

People Love Us on Yelp - 2018 Award Recipient

People Love Us on Yelp - 2018 Award Recipient

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