Los Angeles CA Asset SearchesOur private investigators in Los Angeles California utilize all the tools necessary to recover lost assets. Our clients often need to know what his/her spouse is doing with joint or shared money and assets. We have a knack for following the clues and to evaluate the economic feasibility of a proceeding with legal action, and to identify assets for seizure. These asset searches may also be used to evaluate whether a settlement should be accepted, determine the credit-worthiness of an individual or business, assess a potential partner or facilitate a merger or acquisition. Use LA Intelligence’s licensed private investigators and you will be getting the vast diverse experience of our best PIs.

Here is a list of important information we uncover in detailing lost or misplaced assets:

  • Subject identification (name, date of birth, Social Security number or other identifiers when available)
  • Subject’s address history (typically covers last 20 years)
  • Employer, self-employment, and employer’s address (for an individual)
  • Business address(es), telephone contacts and address for service of process (for businesses)
  • Real property ownership
  • Automobiles owned
  • Banking affiliations and bank account location(s)
  • Business affiliations
  • Professional licenses
  • Tax lien check
  • Civil lawsuits
  • Restrictions apply; all searches conducted within state and federal law
  • Additional services available

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People Love Us on Yelp - 2018 Award Recipient

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