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2/7/20155 Stars on Yelp

I contacted Brian from the UK to find my son in Law who had disappeared in LA on behalf of my daughter.

I found Brian & his team efficient & very professional through out the whole procedure.

Brian & his team undertook our investigation with a matter of urgency with excellent results backed up with photographic & video evidence.

This has helped my daughter in her divorce & to realise what was going on in LA.

I would highly recommend & use Brian again without any hesitation .

So anyone looking from abroad then Brian is your man.

I send Brian & his team my best wishes.

Thank you
Dr K Khan

ball. Khalid K. - Khalid K. Meadview, AZ

10/12/20145 Stars on Yelp

This was the first time I used a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR. The La Intelligence team was extremely helpful & professional and addressed my concerns very quickly. The PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR kept me informed at all times. I would highly recommend LA INTELLIGENCE to anyone who needs answers in a sensitive situation. The price was extremely reasonable, they made me feel completely comfortable and I trusted them right away. This PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR gave me the attention with confidentiality, compassionate and professionalism. It’s not always easy asking for help but these guys are the best. I highly recommend them.

S L. - San Antonio, TX

6/27/20145 Stars on Yelp

I, like some others have written, would have never imagined that I would need to hire a private investigator. Unfortunately, I did. It was a difficult situation for me, but Brian at LA Intelligence was more than helpful with the process. In addition to being very professional, he was also very kind and understanding, something I did not expect as I assumed it would be ‘just another case’ to him. He is obviously very experienced and quite knowledgeable, and can even provide sound advice/counseling. I had a very good experience with Brian, despite the difficult situation, and would both use him again and highly recommend him to anyone in the Los Angeles area.

Elizabeth W. - Los Angeles, CA

6/25/20145 Stars on Yelp

If you are looking for a private investigator that provides results, then LA Intelligence is the way to go. This was my first time hiring a private investigator and I really didn’t know what to expect. Detective Mathews was very thorough and explaining the process and letting me know exactly what to expect.he provided me with the information that I needed quicker than I expected and I couldn’t be more satisfied. If you are looking for a professional, experienced, and reasonable private investigator, look no further. these guys are the real McCoy!

Todd W. - Kissimmee, FL

4/5/20145 Stars on Yelp

I had to use Brian again to find another person gone MIA. Brian had the info within 24 hours. He seems very busy but still gave a quick turnaround time . Thanks!

kelly w. - Orange, CA

3/28/20145 Stars on Yelp

Amazing service! Fast, professional, affordable and experienced! Brian saved my sister from marrying a scam artist she met online. I found out my sister was about to be proposed to and called Brian immediately. Within the same day, I got enough proof from Brian to convince my sister that she was about to be married to a con artist!!! Thanks to Brian, I was able to convince my sister with proof and saved her from ruining her life. Whew! I am forever grateful to you Brian/LA Intelligence! I have found my P.I. and I am not going anywhere else!

May K. - Arcadia, CA

3/21/20145 Stars on Yelp

I needed some info on someone and Brian was very helpful! He responded in a timely manner to all of my inquiries and provided detailed information that I was looking for. I would recommend him to anyone in regards to background checks and surveillance. Should other instances arise when I need some info or to run a background, I’ll definitely use Brian for the job! Thanks so much for all of your help!

Gloria A. - Los Angeles, CA

6/20/20135 Stars on Yelp

I recommend LA intelligence. Brian is fast and professional. He cares about your case and about you. Brian spent over an hour with me on the phone listening and assessing my situation. He took action immediately and I knew I was in good hands. I thought my case was impossible and he made it possible. He is generous with his time , honest and personable. Every act of kindness makes a difference. He made the difference. Thank you Brian.

Fatima P. - Los Angeles, CA

6/5/20135 Stars on Yelp

I contacted LA Intelligence over a privacy concern. Actually, I contacted a few organizations, but Brian Matthews was the first to respond that he would contact me soon, and kept his word in following up with me the same day. True to the website offer that any first consultation is at no charge, Brian spent over an hour with me on the phone listening and assessing my situation. I felt that he understood what was going on and I didn’t feel like he was automatically trying to sell his services. In fact, the advice and conclusion was that there wasn’t now the need to do anything further, but it is because of his generosity of time and follow through that I decided to support him here. I would use him or recommend the organization if needed in the future.

Jeff M. - Los Angeles, CA

8/18/20125 Stars on Yelp

I have read every review about this business and a review like the one janice wrote is just not true.I have used L.A. INTELLIGENCE at least 3 times and every time i hired MR MATHEWS he has been fair, honest and kept in touch with me every day one time he could not find a person gave me my money back and still found out this man is dead.He did not even ask for my money back. MR MATHEWS is a great P.I. and i will always use him as i am dying and need to contact certain people thru out my life.

Gary M

Gary M. - Escondido, CA

6/16/20125 Stars on Yelp

Speaking straight from my heart you will “love” this guy! Everything a PI should be. Smart and determined to get the Evidence. Fair and understanding of your financial situation. If you are looking for someone that can get the results you Need -this is your investigator!


Jeanne R. - Leander, TX

5/8/20125 Stars on Yelp

I would recommend LA Intelligence because I had a very good experience with their help. I met with the detective via professional reference, because I needed help with a lost persons case. Within a day he called me back with the results of his search. So what was taking me over a week with no results was completed by the following day. In addition, the detective was always willing to go the extra mile with alternative recommendations, so I felt that my decisions were well informed. When needed to work late hours or personally serve court notifications, he was always available to deliver. I’m very happy with my results – Thanks LA Intelligence.

Erik P. - Los Angeles, CA

4/14/20125 Stars on Yelp

My name is Jaime and I met dealt and with Brian / LA Intelligence in finding a long lost friend of mine. Brian was a consummate professional, keeping me informed of every single detail all throughout his investigation. Brian not only found my friend and that in an amazingly fast amount of time…but he also provided me w/ many resources and options in which to assist my friend post discovery. I recommend Brian and LA Investigation for anyone w/ a need for a real “Private Eye”. Sincerely, Jaime

Jaime M. - Los Angeles, CA

6/1/20115 Stars on Yelp

I had been looking for my birth father for many years, who I knew lived somewhere on the west side. I had never dealt with a private investigator before, and didn’t know what to expect. I called LA Intelligence and spoke to one of their investigators, who was really kind and listened to my whole story. He was able to find a home address and lots of other info on this guy in less than a day–he even found some other info that was of great value to me! He had a great sense of humor and is really professional. From what I can tell, they are super reasonable with their rates, especially considering they have been licensed for over 20 years. They were so good and fast that I referred my friend, who suspected her fiance was cheating on her with an ex-girlfriend, and they had that figured out in a jiffy, too!

Vivienne C. - Los Angeles, CA

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