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Surveillance is the primary function that we use to solve cases. Surveillance is undertaken in Domestic Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Locating of Missing Persons, Insurance Investigations, Workers Comp, and many other types of investigations. All of our investigators throughout CA have a minimum of 10 years of experience and have backgrounds in Law Enforcement and the US Military. The type of case and the area where it takes place normally determine the number of investigators that are used and the method of surveillance.

Many times we must be prepared to follow a subject by vehicle, on foot, by taxi, limousine or car service or even a motorcycle or bicycle. We will tail a subject into a bus station, into an office building, an apartment building, and if need be, into an elevator with the subject to get an exact office location or the actual apartment number. Some of our cases entail a combination of surveillance techniques such as stationary, mobile, and on foot. We use the most state of the art video  equipment and GPS tracking devices.

Here at LA Intelligence, we  take pride in solving the most difficult and unusual cases.

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