A normal process service is where subpoenas, summons, restraining orders, tenant evictions, foreclosure notices and a host of other writs are served on an individual. Difficult process service is where serving up these types of documents becomes very tricky and even challenging, hence the word “difficult.” All to often, a defendant or respondent will deliberately avoid the service to avoid obvious consequences.

Difficult process service is something that our Beverly Hills based private investigation firm specializes in. Where others have failed, we succeed. In fact, we have conducted background checks when necessary, searched social media accounts, and even spoken to neighbors and/or relatives so we can narrow down the best time and place to serve the defendant/respondent. Difficult process service can even require surveillance or an elaborate ruse to lure the subject out in the open.

Below are just a few of many difficult process service cases we have experienced success with.

Difficult Process Service

Other investigators could not find you, but we did! Oh the look on that face.

Difficult Process Service

This guy was served with a temporary restraining order which was dropped at his feet because he refused it. But you can see he eventually picked it up.

Difficult Process Service

No Mickey Mousing around here… you’ve been served!

If you are in need of a process server who will get the job done, no matter how difficult and evasive people can be, we have a proven track record to get the job done. Contact us today for more information on our difficult process services.


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