Undercover Investigation

Our detective agency specializes in discreet, covert, and undercover investigation services in and around Los Angeles area. Every day we see cases on TV and read in the newspapers about individuals being convicted of workplace issues such as fraud, embezzlement, sexual harassment, cyber-bullying, even death and murder.

In a case of theft, utilizing one of our private detectives will provide the facts the employer needs to save the loss of merchandise in an effective manner or put a stop to the immoral activities. LAI has the ability to gather the necessary documentation and evidence while maintaining the trust of the employees. Remaining discreet and undercover is imperative to the outcome of the investigation.

Sometimes the only way to find the truth is to pursue it at its source. Getting at the source, however, often requires a variety of ruses and disguises. Whether you’re trying to bring down a major crime ring or just determine whether or not a spouse or partner is being unfaithful, there is always the possibility of undercover operations.

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