Sometimes runaways get caught up using drugs even though they have been clean or seemingly not interested as they were growing up. Youngsters who run away sometimes meet others that turn them onto drugs and then they get hooked. Money becomes a problem and you should know the difference between helping and enabling. Instinctively, you’ll want to help your child financially when actually you are enabling them to use drugs. Brian has studied drug/alcohol counseling at UCLA and has experience with what’s called an “intervention” where he helps the addict get help.

It’s important for us to know if you think this may be a problem for the person you are looking for. Interventions, obviously can apply to people of all ages and finding a missing person is one thing but often they don’t want to return home and will continue with their addiction. Remember, they are not thinking straight and Brian has extensive experience in how to handle these kinds of cases. Very few P.I.’s have the kind of sensitivity that’s required when handling these matters and it has proven very useful over the years when locating a runaway or missing person and convincing them to come home or go into treatment.



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